What does Passing the Torch really mean for us?

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Passing the Torch

At the recent passing of the torch to lead the U.S., it appears to many that our nation is more divided than ever. There were divisions when President Trump assumed office in 2016, though politically and culturally, Americans seem more divided at this moment than ever, something President Biden spoke…

Day 1 of the 7 Magic Words Challenge

Image by Dimitri Houtteman from Pixabay

The Beginning of Reflection

Last year, a colleague told about an annual reflexive exercise she participates in that involves both introspection and external processing/writing/meditation to help get in touch with herself. It sounded like a beautiful opportunity, so after learning more, I jumped into it.

This activity comes from the long-standing notion that writing…

Becoming a successful content creator is a 2021 state of mind

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Let’s face it — you are likely reading this article for one of two reasons.

You may want to do something beyond your regular 9–5 job, perhaps to generate a little more income, dip your toe in that entrepreneurial area, or because you keep thinking to yourself, “Hey, I can…

Questions to invite reflection are filled with opportunities

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Questions to Challenge are Rich with Opportunity

In one of the intersections in my life, I was invited to consider what sparks me, what lights me up, what makes me jump up to take action. It contained within it the possibility of being a potentially transcendent starting point for the new year. Perhaps this is the sort…

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