The December Go to Goal

With one month remaining, you can still finish your goals! Just choose one.

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A few weeks ago I shared some ideas I have found to work related to this final crunch in the year. Yes, there was still time to finish our yearly goals!

That piece, Time for Action! 5 Steps to Jump-Start Your End of the Year Goal Push, was all about 5 steps to help focus and activate ourselves when it comes to jump-starting our goals when we have all but given up.

I still believe these five are effective:

  1. Realistically review and revise your goals
  2. Prioritize our time to align with these goals
  3. Build habits to achieve your goals
  4. Schedule time to do our daily habits
  5. Track and course correct weekly

In a nutshell, who can really argue with reality-check, prioritize, build habits, schedule, and ongoing improvement? Useful to be sure, yet certainly not rocket science.


Just do what it takes to finish

So, stop chewing on excuses and just do it!

That’s right . . . if you want to finish those goals, just put the action in place and do it.



Simon says, “Stop!”

Before you roll your eyes and check-out as this is over-simplistic, hear me out.

I know, these are such simple words . . . just do it! . . . and if our goals were really simple they would already be done. Finished. ̶S̶u̶c̶c̶e̶s̶s̶f̶u̶l̶.

Yeah, you read that right. Finishing our goals is one thing, but in itself it is not a mark of success.

Think of it this way . . . we finish lots of things we have to do, but do not particularly like doing.

We rake leaves.

We take out the trash.

We pick up after our dogs.

We even floss our teeth.

None of those make us successful. They do, however, make us finish, accomplish something worth doing. In finishing there can be a sense of accomplishment. That is not the same as writing a bestseller, winning a sports car, or achieving Nirvana.

Finishing Goals ≠ Success

They may be related, but they do not have to be. Sometimes the best goal is a finished one, and not a perfect one.

So, just choose one and do it for the sake of getting it done.

Finishing a yearly goal is a sign of closure

. . . AND closing things off does not mean the same thing as being successful.

What they do mean is we have done something. One part of our experience is resolved and we now move on. We build upon.

So, my friend, we have 4 weeks left in this wonderful month of December. AND, I ask you, what do you want to finish?

Nothing more, and nothing less. What do you really want to finish before the year is out, so a month from now, you can look back and say, “Yeah, I DID that!”

Educator. Writer. Open Knowledge Advocate. Institutional Researcher. I help people navigate their learning needs and take informed action.

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